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News: ARPA Scholarships

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5/2/2019 12:00:00 AM  Jeff Dick 

ARPA Scholarships

ARPA currently offers 6 scholarships per year (December 1 - November 30) of up to $500 each in the following categories:

  • Three individual scholarships to assist with attendance at the ARPA Annual Conference (allowable expenses include travel, registration fees and/or hotel
  • Three individual scholarships to assist with professional development (any certification/education relating to the Parks & Recreation field with preference given to NRPA programs). 
The proposed scholarships do not require the recipient to pass any tests/exams if pursuing certifications. Scholarship requests are open only to current ARPA members in good standing. Scholarships may be awarded to an individual in each category once every two years. 
If there are unexpended scholarship funds from either category, the remaining funds can transfer to the other category if there are no additional requests beyond the respective three individual scholarships available. 

Once the ARPA Scholarship committee receives an application, a confirmation email is sent out to the address listed on the application form. The Scholarship committee will review the application and a decision will be made within 30 days. The application must be completely filled out before it can be considered reviewable by the committee. Each applicant will be notified by email or phone as to the decision of the committee.

Before being awarded the amount requested, each recipient will be required to sign an ARPA Scholarship Agreement which lists terms and conditions, to which the applicant must agree. Upon receipt of a signed ARPA Scholarship Agreement, the Scholarship Committee chairperson will request that funds be disbursed to the recipient by the Association treasurer.

If an applicant wishes to appeal the committee decision, they must contact the current ARPA president within 14 days and state their reason for an appeal. The ARPA president will consult with the ARPA board of directors and a final decision will be made within 30 days of receipt of the appeal request by the ARPA president. 

Click here to email the Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Click here to download the ARPA Scholarship Request Form