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Alaska Recreation and Parks Association
PO Box 100161
Anchorage, AK 99510
Phone Fax
(907) 459-1269
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Additional Contact Info
The Alaska Recreation & Park Association is a 100% volunteer organization. The board of directors and committee members are very dedicated to carrying out the mission of the Association and professional development within the field of Parks & Recreation. We invite you to contact us with questions via U.S. Mail or by email.
Alaska Recreation & Park Association
P.O. Box 100161
Anchorage, AK 99510-0161

ARPA Elected Board of Directors
President: Donn Hayes
Past-President: Wendy Clubb
Vice-President: Jeff Dick
Secretary: Kate Thomas
Treasurer: Melanie Hauze
Board Member At-Large: Shareen Adelmann
Board Member At-Large: Karin Sturdy
Board Member At-Large: Mike Bork

Aquatics Section Chair: Wendy Clubb
Citizen/Board Section Chair: vacant
Park Maintenance Section Chair: Jason Jones
Recreation Programming Section Chair: Maggie Wilkins
Therapeutic & Adaptive Recreation Section Chair: Brandon Harker
Wildlands Section Chair: vacant

ARPA Committee Chairpersons
Education, Training, Certification & Professional Development: Jeff Dick
Member Services: Vacant
Awards: Shareen Adelmann
2019 Annual Conference: Mike Bork
Legislation: Mike Bork

Scholarship: Wendy Clubb
Historical: Jeff Dick