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Lifetime Achievement Award

A recipient who receives this award shall have made note-worthy and measureable positive contributions to ARPA. Past recipients have made contributions such as procedures manuals, template formatting, led a specific campaign or training or other such tangible results. LAA winners have created, chaired and then bequeathed ARPA standing or special committees. While many ARPA members are willing and able to contribute monumental services, a recipient of this LAA has volunteered to serve in the most demanding of offices and ARPA work. An ARPA logo goldpan will be presented to the recipient.
Created in 2007, the Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented only three times in ARPA’s young, 35-year history. The first recipient was Nancy Peterson who, having left the field of parks and recreation earlier in her career, maintained professional and personal relationships within ARPA and NRPA. She continued to serve in one of the most time-consuming ARPA Board functions: Treasurer. While serving the Board as Treasurer, Nancy continued to mentor and train in-coming Board members. The second award was presented to ARPA Founder, Bob Robertson, who is known as the Father of ARPA. Bob served as ARPA president and chaired, co-chaired and mentored subsequent ARPA Committee Chairs. The above two examples are the types of contributions a Lifetime Achievement Award winner will have made.
  • The recipient shall have been a life-time member by either category or practical assessment.
  • Shall have been an active ARPA member for more than two decades.
  • Shall have served as ARPA President
  • Shall have served in multiple positions on the Board
  • Meets the minimum criteria of the ARPA Professional Award (or has received this award.)
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2021       Karl Kassel - Fairbanks
2016       Helen Clough - Juneau / Anchorage
2015       Shareen Adelmann - City of Seward Parks & Recreation
2012       Jeff Hawley - City of Unalaska Parks, Culture & Recreation
2009       Bob Robertson - "Father of ARPA"
2007       Nancy Peterson - City of Valdez / City of Unalaska