Alaska Recreation and Park Association
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Special Interest Sections

Aquatics Section
The Aquatics Section members enjoy a network of peers from across the state who are available to share their knowledge and experience. The section provides public awareness of water safety through the development and promotion of performance standards for aquatic professionals and to provide opportunities for quality training and instruction in facility and risk management, water safety techniques and program development. The section also hosts Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) Certification coursesin partnership with NRPA.   

Citizen Board Section

  • Together we can:
  • Educate fellow citizens
  • Increase public understanding and support
  • Influence policy
  • Support legislatin
  • Promote funding
Citizen/Board members are challenged to help individuals of all backgrounds improve their health and quality of life.  We are committed to helping citizen advocates and board members increase awareness, support, and funding to address important community and state needs for public parks and recreation.  In today’s environment of decreased resources, we must work together to communicate the value of parks and recreation provide to individuals well being and communities’ ability to thrive. Currently the chairperson position for this section is vacant.

Park Maintenance

Parks Maintenance Section works to develop, improve and disseminate park maintenance standards applicable to facilities and landscapes in a northern environment, and to encourage professional excellence in the field. Alaskan park maintenance professionals face unique challenges and barriers and this section provides the opportunity to learn from each other and share best practices. The section hosts Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) courses in partnership with NRPA. Contact the Park Maintenance Chairperson Jason Jones.

Recreation Services Section
The Recreation Services section provides support to administrators, supervisors and recreation staff employed by Parks & Recreation Agencies from across the State. In a state made up of agencies that face geographic separation from other communities this networking provides a critical link to support and resources. Members of this section network via teleconference, email, and in person allowing agencies to benefit from successes enjoyed by other members while working together to problem solve and improve services provided to consumers and constituents. 

Therapeutic & Adaptive Recreation Section
Our section offers support and continuing education for those who work with a variety of populations within Alaska. Our members represent community agencies who serve people with disabilities in recreation, city and borough recreation departments that serve members of their communities with disabilities, and staff of long term care centers and hospitals. The section meets on a regular basis to provide support through teleconferences as well as CEU’s for those in need. 

Wildlands Section

The Wildlands Section works with land managers from public agencies across the state to provide a forum for education, problem solving and networking. We provide and promote appropriate wildland recreation opportunities on public and private wildlands in Alaska. The section also works with other non-profit organizations in the state such as Alaska TRAILS to help meet the needs of public land managers from borough, state and federal agencies.